Sunday, 6 November 2011

Triumphant homecoming or Wrighteous wreckage

In a fit of homesickness induced hysteria my hubby, spanner wielder, and I decided to move back home (Tasmania) from Geelong, Vic. We didn't even really give ourselves time to process this decision, just gave our employers notice and started to plan for the big move. 

Then we stumbled upon a bit of a hurdle..... how were we going to get all our crap from one side of the Bass Strait to the other?..... This was much easier when we were18 and moving to Vic... mainly because we hadn't accumulated quite so much crap! Hiring a truck and taking it on the Spirit was going to cost almost 2 grand, so completely out of the question.

The answer... we bought a piece of crap Caravan from Colac (might help you understand just how junky the van was/is) for a couple of hundred, gutted it and hey presto, enough space for all our crap and we didn't have to pay commercial Spirit fares problem solved! 

Since we arrived home the caravan has sat, virtually empty (there's still a few things in there, things that we probably should've trashed rather then move them across the water), in my father in laws yard. It has gotten crappier as the weather has taken its toll. There's damp, there's mould, there is probably furry or creepy crawly things living in there.

And that is where I will be spending my day today.... cataloguing in horrific detail just what a ruin the inside of our caravan has become. 

Because we've made another spur of the moment, lets not think about this too much, decision. Mainly because we're good at them. In fact our daughter, squiggle butt, should thank her lucky stars that that's the kind of parents she has, because that's how she came into existence! 

The new plan turn our junky, dilapidated piece of crap caravan into THE CARAVAN OF WRIGHTEOUSNESS.

So I will spend the day cleaning lord only knows what out of the van (I'm gagging just thinking about it) while the spanner wielder attempts to make the van transportable... we will then tow it to the spanner wielders workshop to ready it for its transformation into THE CARAVAN OF WRIGHTEOUSNESS. I hear trumpets every time I type it in capitals, I like that, I might type everything in capitals from now on. I digress...

My biggest fear.... the caravan becomes a truly wrighteous wreckage as it disintegrates being towed along the highway... eek

(side note - after discussing spanner wielder's nickname with him, he mentioned that he might prefer to be known as the superhero SPANNER MAN. I didn't hear any trumpets that time, in fact its hard to find the perfect sound effect to accompany SPANNER MAN, hysterical laughter maybe. Induced by imagining my hubby in lycra and a cape..... I think I'll stick with spanner wielder. At least I can type that with a straight face.)


  1. Ha! Quite an entertaining piece here Jade! Look forward to seeing what else you come up with in your adventures with the CARAVAN OF WRIGHTEOUSNESS...oh my are right. There WAS trumpets!!
    I will become your first follower!
    P.S. Err...where are the pictures?

  2. I found you through The Blogging Library. I'm really looking forward to following your adventure :) And I agree with Anna above, I'd love to see some photos :)