Saturday, 21 January 2012

Shot of realism required... stat

So now we get down to the knitty gritty.... the cash that will fund this project. Which if my very technical, mathematical calculations are correct, its zilch, nada, zip....

That's right, we're truly crazy, and are going to try to rebuild this caravan without investing much cash. I mean there are things we know we'll need to buy; like silicone for example. Because what's the point of owning a caravan if you still get wet when it rains? Also the main reason we have to do such a complete rebuild is because of the leaks... everything is rotten or rotting. We really don't want to be doing this all again in a couple of years time *sigh*

So how on earth do we think we'll be able to turn our caravan into the Caravan of Wrightousness without any coin? By scrounging, re purposing and using stuff we already had...

We've already got the floor

and lights

Item image

They're both from Spanner Wielder's original showroom.

We went to Mum's and scrounged up some timber and also managed to score a kitchen bench.

We're planning on using styrofoam for insulation

Do you have any?.... or know of a clever place to get some?.....

We're also hoping for some great opp shop finds that we can re purpose, like coffee tables into seating, wardrobes into, well wardrobes.

We know that eventually we'll have to shell out some dough for things like electrical wiring, a 3 way fridge and a gas stove.

But, the plan at this point is to just make it usable, a primitive version of the vision we have of the Caravan of Wrighteousness. Because Spanner Weilder's crazy and thinks we can have it habitable by freakin Easter. That's right, he wants to go camping for Easter, and I REFUSE to sleep in a tent with Squiggle Butt.... It's not like the porta cot will just fit right in... plus she hates it.

So there you go our completely unrealistic budget and just as unrealistic time frame... Is there such a thing as a realism shot?

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  1. Easter 2013 maybe but I get a lot of styrofoam from packages small pieces but it all adds up , col