Thursday, 12 September 2013

popover culottes

So this is the first time I've officially sewn along with Project Run & Play. I've started a couple of ideas before, but never finished in time to link up. I will not be sewing along for the whole season because I've got the worst time management skills in the world, but this challenge appealed to me.

I wasn't going to play along... but then this little idea kept milling in my head after seeing a chiffon Dotti top that had the arm and neck bound in chambray bias tape. The Oliver + S popover sundress pattern (which is a freebie) was a perfect way to achieve a similar look.

I mixed the pattern up by drafting culottes turning it into a play suit. The fact that it's super cute, looks like a skirt, but allows my toddler to run and jump and climb easily makes this perfect for spring. Which is hopefully just around the corner... except its Tassie and we aren't really known for sunshiny weather! 

This was the first time I've ever drafted anything more complicated then a peter pan collar. I used this tutorial to give me the guide lines, but had to change it up somewhat in order to make it work for a toddler ( I'm totally crushing on the coluttes she made. want. them.)

The culottes are made from 4 1/4 circle skirts so they drape perfectly which means when Layla is still its a pretty convincing skirt. The fabric is flora and fauna which I grabbed from Spotlight's clearance section, it's very light weight (ie see through) so the play suit is fully lined.
Drafting is hard, this took 3 muslins, mainly because I should never do math unsupervised. We are not best friend or even acquaintances, I can do it... but i don't like it!! That's why its a rushed post so I can squeeze it in before the deadline!! 

You know what else is hard, taking photos of a less then co operative 2 yr old. I even bribed her with chocolate!

Have you ever drafted you own pattern? Is math your frienemey  too?!


  1. This is really cute Jade! I love the butterfly fabric and your daughter looks like she's having fun, even if she won't stand still! ~Sherri

  2. So many photos of your "play suit" .... changed from PLAY DRESS pattern by Oliver + S freebie. I just LOVE the print fabric adorned with colorful BUTTERFLIES of varying sizes and shapes! Your toddler, Tassie, is a darling model. Jade, certainly your creativity shines through in your fully lined popover culottes -- 1st challenge for Project Run and Play's "sew along." BRAVO! Sarah Helene in Minneapolis, MN

  3. Great job with your first sew-along! The fabric is lovely and the culottes have a lovely shape.

  4. What a fab little romper! I'll definitely be giving this a go for my little girl this summer.

  5. Oh my gosh! What a perfect remix! And the culottes...I will admit I may have immediately started staring at my fabric stash thinking about making the same thing for me-I love the look of dresses but the ability to run after my toddlers without flashing anyone. Perfection!
    Bonnie MS

  6. I hear you on the taking pictures of toddlers-----but luckily she is a doll and so it her outfit! Love the fabric choice!!!