Monday, 23 September 2013

Winged it


So the end of August/start of September is packed with Birthdays, about 2 a week. Because most of the gifts we give are handmade, it gets a little crazy. Luckily one of the birthday's is mine and I don't expect a gift - well from me. If other people want to give me gifts they can have at it.

My hubby thinks the drive to give handmade gifts is just more evidence that I'm certifiable (supportive right
?!). And I can see where he's coming from. What with my love of procrastination, a need for things to be perfect, and the tendency to become ever so slightly psychotic with rapidly approaching deadlines handmade gifting isn't all love and roses.  It often involves a number of choice swear words and is peppered with breakdowns.

And yet, when you finally finish the making and get on to the giving all that melts away - well it does for me. Jono may have some handmade gifting PTSD, I choose not to examine it to closely. There's nothing quite like picking the perfect gift for someone and then crafting it with your own two hands.

These owl wings were created for a very special 7 year old, and were an amazing vintage scrap buster. There are a hundred pinsfor these wings on Pinterest and you can find the pattern for wings to fit a 2 yr old here. Mine needed to be a bit bigger so I just winged it (love puns, no apologies). 

I love how these wings turned out. They ate a whole stick of sewline, and I got a massive blister from using my pinking sheers (I kind of flinch at the sight of them now), but it was all worth it. Now Layla is begging for a pair... I will have to add it to the sewing list, which is massive. I will never have enough time to complete all the projects that are in my head. My sewing machine and I are so in need of a week away together. Just imagine it.... pffft who am I kidding. If I had a week away from my family my sewing machine would sit neglected in the corner while I slept all. week. long.

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