Monday, 16 January 2012

The Wrights behind the Caravan of Wrighteousness

Thought it might be about time to share a bit more about us, and the project that is The Caravan of Wrighteousness.

This is Spanner Wielder, I love this photo, he really is that easy going, laid back and spunky - and never takes a bad photo bleh. Spanner Wielder is a mechanic by trade and owns his own business, Quest Exhaust & Mechanical (bit of a shameless plug), so he's really over qualified for all the trailer repairs. Like the suspension, brakes, wheel bearings etc... have I impressed you with my mechanical knowledge? Is he qualified for all the carpentry? Lets put it this way, a few years ago he made me a shoe cupboard for my birthday - it's one of the best gifts I've ever been given. However, I went to move it one day and a leg fell off. Spanner Wielder assures me he knows how to repair it so it wont happen again, but he never has. It happened over three years ago. Make up your own minds...

This is Squiggle Butt; cute right? She's our April fool baby, born 8 weeks before her due date last year. She keeps me INCREDIBLY busy. Her qualifications... nil. In fact (and don't shoot, lynch or stone me as a bad mum for saying this) she's pretty much a giant hindrance to project Caravan of Wrighteousness. The reason being because, if it's not our bed or my arms, she's not sleeping there. So I can only work on the caravan when she is awake and happy. Don't know what your experience with babies is, but in mine they are not awake and happy for very long. Eventually we'll have to move the caravan home, just so I can get more done.

And this is me.... I'm not in front of the camera very often. Am I qualified... I like to demolish, and I enjoyed MDT in high school, but I fell in with the bad MDT crowd which lead to me copying sentences out of a wood working book in front of a teachers office. So I didn't learn a great deal. I'm mostly excited about what comes next, after the caravan is leak proof, and has a floor and walls.... design. I've already started going Pinterest nutty on the Caravan of Wrighteousness board... You can follow the board by clicking the link on the side of the page.

So that's us.. in the next post I'll let you all in on our timeline and budget.

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  1. I'm loving reading about your journey with all this Jade! Keep it up - it's GOOD!!