Monday, 9 April 2012

Inter state bargain

I hope you all had a lovely Easter break and scoffed lots of chocolate!!!

As I said previously we spent the Easter break with my Grandparents in Victoria. It is always so wonderful to see them, Layla always gets very spoilt and our time together is always over much to soon.

This break was not quite the enjoyable holiday we had envisaged, but being surrounded by loving family can only help.

One great thing about going interstate for our break was the potential to buy larger, un-postable items from eBay (and vallygirl, temp, dottie etc etc....)

One great score we got for the caravan was a gas stove top. We'd been keeping our eyes peeled for one in Tassie, but gas isn't very popular here so there's not a lot of second hand options.

Whereas in Victoria there are a gazillion to choose from. We scored this little number for a measly $10!!!!

Sadly we missed out on a 3 way fridge and secondhand caravan windows. Hopefully these might pop up in Tassie or we get back to Victoria soon.

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