Friday, 15 June 2012


Thanks for all your comments on my last Pinteresting post. I cant help but agree that there is a lot of repetition on Pinterest. I think that part of the problem is that people just repin already pinned posts, or posts from popular bloggers so you see the same thing over and over. But in amongst all that repetition sometimes you stumble upon that perfect little nugget of inspiration, or a new blog that is amazing, or you just repin things you find so you never have to search agonizingly through goggle trying to hunt up something you vaguely remember the name of. That's what I love about Pinterest, and makes the hours wasted spent trawling worthwhile.

Something that I've been thinking about lately is seating in the van. We're in the process of finalising the floor plans of the caravan and that means finalising how much seating and sleeping space we'll have. I  believe that you can't have too much seating or too many sleeping options in a caravan. Some of the seating needs to be fixed, where as some needs to be removable so it can be used outside. Arghhhhh. So I'm trying to find solutions to these quandaries. 

One thing I'm loving is floor cushions. I want a cosy little nook where we can read, or play board games, snuggle and watch a movie or just relax. 

Here's a round up of some of my fav's. As usual the picture should link you to the source.

Modular floor cushions


Love these, love the ability to arrange, stack, create any seating arrangement you like. Whether you lay them all out as a "mattress" or stack to make a couch, arm chairs etc

I think stackability (it's a word, I used it in a sentence) is also important. There's not a lot of floor space in a caravan, so things need to be compact and have there own space. Hence the desirability of stacking.

Amazing rock floor cushions, better then a beanbag!!!

The living stones are incredible. I think the picture sums it up, just the pure joy and creativity/imagination they inspire. Completely impractical for a caravan, I know. I am thinking about creating a mountain of them for Squiggle Butt's room though. Caravans are not the only places that need comfy, cozy and snuggly little nooks.

These are simple and so clever. Perfect for Squiggle Butt to lounge on, take out doors, use in a tent when she's older.

Now I just need to be able to make a decision!! 

Do you have  a favourite floor cushion design. Or a perfect solution to my indoor/outdoor seating and bedding space problems? Let me know in the comments. 

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