Monday, 14 January 2013

Vintage Hauls

Hello Lovelies,

Slightly awkward that my vintage hauls posts are back to back this week. I blame our crappy internet which we upgraded today!!! So hopefully I'll stay motivated and share a few things with you this week.

I gave you a little warning last week that this weeks vintage hauls were pretty a-mah-zing, so with out further ado.

 Kicking it off this week is this awesome Remington International typewriter - I almost died trying to pick this up! Weighs a tonne.

Next another vinty suitcase for the collection. I think I have a problem... How many vinty suitcases are too many?

I then spotted this gorgeous print, perfect for Layla's room.

And the most awesome find of the day ... a giant box of vintage sewing patterns!! There has to be close to 80!

I love these ones...

and these...

not to mention these....

Kwik Sew always have the cutest illustrations...

and these two almost had me planning another baby.... almost.

What amazing vintage finds did you nab last week?
Do you sew using vintage patterns? Would vintage sewing patterns influence your decision to procreate?
How many vinty suitcase are to many?... Seriously... I may have a problem.

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  1. what brilliant vintage finds - it must be fun going 'shopping' with you :) I especially LOVE the type writter :)