Thursday, 21 February 2013

Tea with me

If we were to sit down for a cuppa together chances are it would be out of the house, because its good to get out and because that way I can ignore the cleaning a little longer.

There is very little chance that my cup would hold tea or coffee, not really being a hot drink type of chick. Maybe I'll have hot water with a wedge of lemon or indulge in a mug of hot chocolate.

This week I'm a ball of anxiety so a lot of our conversation would involve talking me down off a ledge. You see I'm not so good with new (or old, or change, or most things really) and things in my world are changing quickly.

I'm returning to uni to finish my degree.... There have been so many stops and starts and I will tell you categorically that I do not have another stop and start in me.

I have been questioning myself constantly and I must admit that it's beginning to wear me down.

I am making new plans that I am excited about, and we will talk about my dreams of traveling Australia in a caravan with my little family. My plans to make cash along the way and the possibility that my husband may soon be working away from home and how scared I am to be a part time single parent, but mostly how much I'll miss my incredible man (he balances out my crazy).

We'll chat about kidlets and I'll brag about all the new words Layla has picked up this week and how we are starting to have little conversations. That as time has gone on I am less and less anxious about how big of an impact her prematurity and low birth weight have had, though there are still a few niggling little fears.

When we finish up I will thank you profusely for letting me bare my soul and will feel the soothing balm of sharing. I will also hope that I didn't talk too much about my fears and let you bare your soul as well.

Does anxiety feel like a close (unwanted) companion for you right now?
Are you getting set to embark on new adventures?

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  1. Your daughter is perfect, good luck with the return to UNI and I would totally freak out if my husband wasn't at home as much as he is now, so good luck with that too!

  2. Hi Jade! They all sound like reasonable anxieties to me and I'm a good listener!! Rest assured that all will be well and lots of new adventures await! :)

  3. Thanks for joining me for a cuppa... sounds like you needed it!
    I'm in a good place to encourage you in your studies, I've started uni again recently too, only small, steady steps though, that I'm committed to doing until the goal is reached!
    Praying you see the fun, exciting side of the new adventures, and that those anxious thoughts stay well away xxx