Thursday, 12 January 2012

Brace yourself; giant spiders & bug carcasses

This is going to be a pretty photo heavy post.... after all, until now, you've just had to take my word that the caravan of Wrighteouness is currently a crap shack on wheels dilapidated mess.

Heres a couple of external shots for your viewing pleasure.

As I said earlier cleaning out the caravan was grotty - the carpet was repulsive, there were bug and giant spider carcasses everywhere..... unpleasant.

This was the inside of the carvan before

And after.....

While I got down and dirty cleaning out the caravan, Spanner Wielder started preping the caravan for the big move.

The tyres on the caravan were stuffed, and to be honest so were the rims, but we didn't have any spare HT rims just sitting around (anyone have a set they want to get rid of???!!) so we just put better tyres on.


Spanner Wielder likes spiders (yes he's all kinds of weird), but even he wasn't a fan of the giant spider that jumped out of the rim as he was ripping the old tyre off. Anyways the rims were so rusty that they had to be coated in silcon in order to inflate the tyres..... Backyard mechanics at its best!!! Does make me slightly more nervous, I've heard that rims and tyres are important, I assume crappy rims raises the potential of catastrophe!

He then got to work bracing the internals of the caravan.... When we used the caravan as our moving trailer we pretty much gutted everyting out of it. Did you know that caravans are built from the inside out? This means that all the cupboards, beds etc are structural... we found this out the hard way. Hence the hard core bracing in the hopes that the walls of the carvan wouldn't just flop open starfish style...

Spanner Wielder's bracing will be put to the test tomorrow.... Fingers crossed!!

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