Sunday, 8 January 2012

Self doubt monsters = blogging jitters

I started this blog with such great excitement.... and then rapidly got overwhelmed.... Little self doubt monsters crawled into my brain and got to work creating paranoid, crazy little scenarios. Arghhhhhhhhh. But have recently employed pest control and am hoping to be (slightly) less nutty now, and to blog, despite all that real life stuff that gets in the way - like 20 crap filled nappies a day, a squiggle butt who just wants up, and a husband who just wants to spend time with me. I know, I know, its truly a hard life - though I honestly believe I would be happier if squiggle butt cut back to one crap a day...

I started this blog with a purpose, well a couple of purposes...

1. I like to document EVERYTHING. That means every. little. teeny. tiny. thing. I have box after box of "memories". Letters that I got from friends in high school - kept them all. My diary from when I was 10 - still have it, even though I would die from embarrassment if I were to read it now. Not being overly dramatic... death of embarrassment can happen. Anyways I thought a blog would be a great way to document the caravans' transformation from crap shack to CARAVAN OF WRIGHTEOUNESS (remember Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure - that's the music I hear in my head as I type caravan of wrighteousness in caps - love it)

2. Because I could find very little info on how to refurbish a caravan when I looked on line... so hopefully our trials and errors can help someone turn their pile of crap into an oasis.

Stay tuned... next post is all about transporting our wreckage caravan of wrighteousness  home. I'll even include some pics... just to prove I'm not exaggerating about our caravans dumpy dilapidated state.

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  1. Yay! Looking forward to the piccies! With all you been saying I'm WAY curious!