Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Bumps, Bubs & Beyond....

A big thanks to everyone who read, shared, and commented on my last post. 

Sunday was the big day at the Latrobe Bumps, Bubs & Beyond market. I have to admit that I was a little nervous, but the weather was gorgeous and Latrobe, and its markets, were pumping.

It was such an incredible day meeting people, sharing information and raising funds. I had forgotten how much I loved the community education side of my job when I was working. I had, coincidentally, also forgotten how EXHAUSTING it is. 

Mama Rose & Papa Rose waiting for 9am
We were there at 8 to set up, and was out the door by about 1:15pm. Late lunch at home, some bubbles (mmmm bubbles) to celebrate at Mama Roses and then, bed by 9:30 (it would've been 8, but Squiggle Butt wasn't as keen).


I was so happy with the look of our stall, and we had such a prime position. We were the first table as people entered the hall. A really big thank you to the Bumps, Bubs and Beyond market!!!! The organiser even offered us a table at the Devonport Families Expo...... So we're doing it all again next weekend!!! The expo will be held at Devonport Recreation Centre on Sunday the 20th May. Come along and say hi! 



Now we'll be able to add to our grand total of $930! It really was an incredible day. A big thanks to those who showed their support on the day, and to all the businesses who donated items. So looks like the glue gun and I are gonna be getting cozy again (I find if I'm incredibly friendly to him, he doesn't scold me with hot glue as regularly). Let me know in the comments if you have any old kids books, music books, scrap paper or hot glue sticks to donate and I'll arrange to come and get them.... may even bring a thank you freddo.... not that I'm trying to bribe you with chocolaty goodness at all!

Or buy a raffle ticket ($2 ea or 3 for $5). First prize is a laptop, 2nd prize is 2 nights in a Cabin at the Arthur River and 3rd prize is a family first aid kit. There are actually 7 prizes in total, I just cant remember them all, they include a gift voucher to Totally Awesome Sounds, a soy candle, a gift voucher to Daisy Chain Florist, and many others.

Squiggle Butt in her Chic Pea beanie... Too Cute!

Caravan news.... nothing really to report. I'm still looking for something to refuel my passion for the project. I keep day dreaming about the interior design, but realise that first we need to create an interior (that is preferable watertight) before I can get started on the really fun stuff. Will have to start bugging spanner wielder more about getting it done.We just need to get the frame rigid so that 1. the roof doesn't collapse (it's really starting to sag) and 2. we can drag it home, where it'll be easier for me to work on it.

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