Friday, 11 May 2012

Wrighteous Picken's

This morning we got all rugged up and hit the Garage Sale circuit.

Those of you following on Facebook know how pumped I was for today. I love vintage, I also love re purposing. I re purposed my first piece of furniture at 12. It was an ugly, dark brown, veneer book shelf. I cut stars into the sides and painted it. I wish I still had it, but I put it in our moving sale before we returned to Tassie, I don't know how Spanner Wielder convinced me to let it go. So not like me. But I love the buzz you get when you see someones trash  no longer needed items and know that you can turn them into something incredible.

But I've digressed, today I got some amazing things, things for home and things for the Caravan of Wrighteousness.

At the first garage of the day we scored this amazing hard suitcase. Priced at $4, as soon as I saw it I knew I'd be snapping it up. It was jumbled with a bunch of other cases that I glanced at, but none of them were hard covered. I must of looked disinterested though, because she offered it to me for $2 eeeek! I'm loving the bon voyage badging. Jono wants to claim it to turn into a portable stereo, my own fault for showing him an example in Frankie. I LOVE Frankie magazine, do you?

Next garage was disappointing, but that's all part of the hunt. The one after that wasn't that hot either. In fact the most exciting thing about it was the trampoline sitting on the curb with a big FREE sign on it. I instantly start stuttering tra-tra-tramampoline (Simpson watchers know what I'm talking bout, am I right!?). Despite having roof racks and tie down straps I failed to convince Spanner Wielder that it was fate. We left as a couple of grandparents started loading it onto their car, devastated.

The next garage was still disappointing, apart from the cute fry pan we got with the anodized blue lid for $1. I feel so happy when I see anodized things, it instantly reminds me of these travel cups my grandma kept in her car. We used them at the block and they packed smaller, being made of rings, and were gorgeous colours. 

 The following garage was a-mah-zing! So much vintage goodness. Arghhh, I wanted to buy everything, but we had so little cash on us. So I had to stick to the must haves. Don't you hate it when you get to the end of the day and you know that there were things you should have bought!

First thing I grabbed was this stool for $1. The legs are gorgeous, and it wasn't till I ripped the cover and foam off at home that I spotted the gorgeous print on the bottom. I found the brand ironic and amusing, may have laughed out loud. Even though no one will ever see it, I plan to preserve the print, it's too cute and funny to lose. 

My head was spinning when we got home with plans for this stool. I was originally thinking of painting a big, thrifted, silver platter with chalkboard paint and screwing it to the top inorder to turn it into a table for use in our entrance way (which is in desperate need of SOMETHING to dump everything). But the platter was too small. I think I'll still paint the platter with chalkboard paint and hang it by the door for messages. I quickly developed a new idea for this stool, that I'm even more excited about. Can't wait to show you when it's done.

Next I got a stack of gorgeous cutlery for $2. Originally I was thinking it was perfect for the van, but having had a closer look I'm thinking we'll put our current cheap, nasty, cutlery into the van and use the new, gorgeous, vintage cutlery. It is so very close to a complete set, just missing one entree fork and two main forks. 

There was also an array of vintage linens, I couldn't go past these pillowcases. I love florals and I can't wait to turn them into lots of fabulousness for Squiggle Butt.

Next I nabbed this cane chair, for the grand price of.... FREE!! She threw it in! This is why you should always turn on the charm for the owners of the garage. I'm so excited about this chair. It was a set of three, but Spanner Wielder, rightly, convinced me we didn't need the other two. Both chairs had areas were the cane was irreparably broken.

So now we're tossing up colours for our unblemished chair. I'm leaning towards navy, Spanner Wielder is leaning towards glossy white (anyone want to help us choose!?). Then I think an ombre patchwork cushion from the velvet scraps I thrifted a little while back will complete it nicely. I'm really loving ombre right now.

Had the best morning "picken", though its tough to get Squiggle Butt in and out of her car seat 20 times. She was tuckered out by the end, gorgeous girl.

p.s I've been following some photography blogs in the hopes of improving my skills, hopefully you'll start to notice a difference. do you have any go to photography blogs? or tips? I love learning new things.


  1. Great finds Jade! I am sooo coveting that suitcase and the vintage linens!! And that stool does look mighty fine. Look forward to seeing the repurposed goods!!

  2. Wow...big garage sale day for you. Love the last pic best though.

  3. What a day, or morning. Its always exhausting and exciting on these trips.

  4. Amazing finds - I love anodized stuff too - I have similar memories of those travel cups, my Grandpa's were secured in a leather case! Photo tips - get to know PicMonkey. Nearly every pic on my blog is edited in some way. Cropped, lightened, adding text etc.