Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Australian Hostess Cookbook

I picked up this fabulously kitsch book when garage sale-ing a few weekends ago. I. love. books. Books such as this give us a little peek into the past this is such a quaint example of what type food was prepared, how guests were invited, expected dress codes and the role of women in the home. Add to that the fact that its centred around cocktail parties and events during 1969, and I'm sold. There were no facebook events, no materchef menus or over the top table settings that only those with keen interior design skills could produce. Everything was meticulously planned, new neighbours were invited and drinks were served. 

There are things I love about this book- the cocktails, seriously those who were of age in the 60's knew how to make a mean cocktail. I have plans to try each and every cocktail recipe in the near future. The attention to detail was so important, everything had to be perfect, seating was planned to ensure all guests had the best possible time. There is such a sense of community and inclusion. New neighbours were welcomed by little parties that enabled them to meet their community. I dont even know my neighbour's name-granted we only moved in a week ago. I love the sense of looking through the looking glass into 1969, and  getting a sense of the time through language and customs.

The things I'm glad stayed in the past- the food. Each and every single menu is so unappetising you kind of feel sick after reading it. I don't think I came across one menu where I thought mmmm that sounds delish, must make that. The photo's of the food make the dishes even less appealing then their recipe,s and the stark reminder that women were first and foremost home makers, how well you pulled this off was a reflection of your mariagability (if single) or how good a wife and mother you were. By those standards I'd fail, each and every time.

There are 40 parties within the book, held by successful Australian Hostesses. These hostesses were the lucky few selected from 1000's of entries recieved in the 1968 'Hostess of the Year' competition held by Woman's Day. So over the next 40 weeks, Tuesday's will be dedicated to 'The Australian Hostess'.   I will share with you a successful hostesses tips and tricks to holding the perfect dinner party as shared with me by 'The Australian Hostess Cookbook'. 

I'll leave you with 'The Australian Hostess Cookbook's'  aim "This book will show the amateur hostess how imagination, planning, preparation and cooking skill can simplify entertaining...... The possibilities awaiting the adventurous woman, who longs to be a wonderful hostess, are all here to be enjoyed."

So join me next week as we have 'Dinner with the Joyes'.

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  1. WOW, definately a different time wasn't it! From one book lover to another, thanks for sharing this gem :)