Monday, 25 June 2012

The good, the bad, the ugly

We are in the process of moving... for the second time this year. Not only are we moving house, but La La Love Hubby is closing down his workshop, so we're packing that up too. Thats a lot of packing, and cleaning and hell.

My gorgeous girl has chosen this very moment to cut her fourth eye tooth, and she's not coping. 

But the new house is so much nicer then the old.

It has:

It also has gas hot water, space, light and the carpets AREN'T SHAG! The thing I love most about it is that I am a 2 minute walk from one of my favourite oppies!!! See...

We're the red pin and the oppie is the yellow. And we're only a 5 minute walk from our local farmers market! 

It has a few flaws...

We are getting there slowly but surely. I feel that I can now call myself an expert removalist though. Fingers crossed this move sticks!! 


  1. So much to do......but just remember, you only have to do one thing at a time!!

    1. I wish Karen!! But everything has to be finished by the end of the month... Gotta love a tight deadline, definitely keeps you motivated!

  2. That toilet is surely a design classic by now! LOL Hope you settle in quickly :)

    1. Definitely a classic, I'm just scared I'm going to put my back out or fall in!!