Sunday, 8 July 2012

You Raise Me Up

OK, this post is going to be a bit gushy and mushy. So look away now if you don't like gush and mush.

On this day seven years ago I married La La Love Hubby. I went to sleep last night thinking about our wedding anniversary, so for some reason my body decided to recreate the sleeplessness I had before the big day. So now I'm a little zonked.

Our love story started 10 years ago, when I feel madly in love with the cute boy I met. He was from the wrong side of the tracks and a musician so it was inevitable, even slightly clichéd, really.We "went out" for two years before he popped the big question, and then we were engaged for a year before we got married. Back then I loved La La Love Hubby with all my heart, but that has nothing on the love I feel for the man he has become.

Because we started going out so young, we've basically grown up together. Of course we already thought we were all grown up, but thats youth for you. Over the past two years we have experienced some of the most difficult periods of our whole lives, let alone our marriage. Its during these times that I have had the joy to fully see the man my boy became.

When our tiny daughter was born at 32 weeks and just watching her breath was gut wrenching, he never wavered from holding me together. He was up twice in the night helping me pump with the crappiest manual pump you've ever seen. I should have burnt it rather then handing it back in to the NICU and letting them lend it out to some other poor, unsuspecting mumma.  When my daughter would scream and fight and beat me down, he would swoop in and raise me up. I picked an amazing man to be the father of my child and it is with so much joy that I watch them play, laugh and grow together. My  hubby is an amazing father and our daughter is the luckiest girl in the world to have him as an example of what makes a man.

As you know we've been moving these past 5 weeks, and its been a slog.. Because not only have we been moving our entire home (and did I mention I'm a hoarder...) My La La Love Hubby decided to close down his workshop and we had to pack that up as well. It has been a gruelling and emotional time for us. I've packed car load after car load and trailer loads all whilst carrying a baby on my hip. But it has been during this time that I have again seen what an awe inspiring man my husband has become.  

He has sacrificied all that he has worked towards and put his dreams on hold for us. He has made tough decisions based on what is the best for his family, rather then what is best for him. He has sacrificed so much that is important to him, and I am so incredibly grateful and proud of the man my husband has become. I am in awe of him, his strength, his courage and his determination. I am inspired by the gifts he has given our family and I will continue to all that I can to support him, and be the wife that he deserves. I am a woman who has been thoroughly blessed - our life may not look exactly as we pictured it all those years ago, but the man has far exceeded my expectations. 

I could have received no greater gift then becoming your wife. I love you, you raise me up today, tomorrow and all my life xx


  1. He was raised to make the right decisions in life & i am very proud he has turned out the way he has.

  2. Oh this is beautiful. Congratulations! (I celebrated 7 years in June too)

    1. Thanks Jane, Congratulations to you as well. I'm glad to see that we weren't the only nutters not to have a summer wedding. Though we were blessed with perfect weather on the big day!