Thursday, 1 November 2012

Hide and seek


Do you hear that?....

Why its a couple of dollies hiding in my vintage fabric stash (well in one of my vintage fabric stashes). I'm 2 dolls down on my Christmas to do list yay!!! Maybe there's a chance I wont be rocking the foetal position this Christmas Eve!

Made from the Dolls and Daydreams schoolgirl pattern using vintage fabrics. Their faces are drawn on using Crayola Fabric Markers and their hairstyles were changed up by me. These little dollies need to hide until Christmas day when they can skip home with new friends.

I just have 4 more dollies to go. 2 little dollies are sitting on my desk waiting patiently for arms and legs.

The dolly on the left will be packing her bags and heading to Softies for Mirabel, run by the amazing Pip from Meet Me At Mikes

Another little dolly has been partially cut out - I'm just dithering on fabric choices. Do you have any thoughts? The top or bottom fabric?

And the last little dolly is still in my head.

How is your Christmas crafting going?
I'm so psyched it's just one more sleep till I head off to the Deloraine Craft fair! I wont be able to sleep from excitement!



  1. They both are lovely but I think I will say the bottom fabric as that was the first that caught my eye.

  2. Lovely dollies and lovely photos!! avoiding the foetal position is always a good thing :)