Sunday, 4 November 2012

Deloraine Craft Fair aka "The Holy Grail'

You've seen me mention the Deloraine Craft Fair  (here & here) a couple of times this week. It's usually one of the event highlights of my year. I. love. it.

So I thought I'd share some of my favourite stalls from this years fair. There are some amazing designers in Tassie and it wouldn't be fair to keep them all to myself now, would it.

My absolute, hands down, favourite was Isabel Audrey. You can follow them on Facebook here. I also recommend flicking through her photo album. Tanya creates gorgeous, vintage inspired, head wear. She's is so friendly and inviting and let me try on almost every hat in her stall. Her hats have such a timeless elegance to them, and being a lover of hats and the 1920's you'll understand why I love love loved this stall. This was one of my favourite hats on the day. Hopefully the hubby took note!

My second favourite was artist Sarah Millicent Elliott. After much umming and ahhing  I bought this stunning print for Layla's room. I also really love Ship of Dreams and basically every other thing she's painted. Her work is gorgeous. Follow her blog here, buy something from here!

I also enjoyed Cherish by Bec Burrows stall. I bought a cute card to frame for Layla's room. Bec doesn't just print her amazing deigns. She also embroiders them onto 100% Merino wool blankets. The embroideries are simple, using only red cotton, but stand out because of this. Visit her website here

 You all know that I *love* vintage fabric. So I loved Miss Haidee - she makes gorgeous children's clothing from her stunning vintage fabric collection. Follow her on Facebook here, visit her online store here.

Last, but most definitely not least, is Captain Robbo - Adventure pants. Not only is the name awesome, and the business cards one of the prettiest I picked up that day. The tights.... oh the tights are to. die. for. I loved this pair and this pair. Check out her website here.

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