Monday, 19 November 2012

Today I got dressed...

Today I got dressed at 4pm... And the only reason I got dressed was because I felt it would be slightly inappropriate to crack open a bottle of wine while still in my p.j's.

Those of you without kids, who had to drag yourself to work, or those mumma's who work or have to get older kids to school may be jealous of my pajama day. Don't be...

It's like I keep telling my hubby, p.j's still on at the end of the day is a sign things have not gone well.

Today involved cleaning poop and not one, but two wee's (plus the usual
array of food stuff) off the floor, marker on my clothes and the kidlets clothes, marathon breastfeeding sessions, screaming, tantrums (both her and I), and general grumpiness. There was probably more, but as a protective measure my mind has erased it from existence.

The positives of the day.... At least she crapped on the lino and the hubby was clever enough to bring home wine.

The photo is not relevant to today - although it does serve as a reminder of why I love being a mum. Normally...

What do you love about being a mum?
Have you had a pajama day recently?
Or have you drowned a bad mummy day with a glass of wine?

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  1. As a mother of two under the age of 5, I surely understand what you mean. I certainly have my share at times as well but it is always great that things are unpredictable and one day you may have a day out of a nightmare and the next day, you may be over the moon as a mother (which is good to keep in mind for sanity). Fingers crossed for you. Hopefully there will be much less mess (and pee around) and it will be a much better day tomorrow!