Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Developing My Creative Space

As I mentioned earlier here I'm participating in the my creative space challenge. You can follow along on Instagram (@lalalovevintage) or even join in! Let me know if you're joining the challenge, I'd love to follow along.

Day 2 - Make lists, got me thinking... 

I shared a photo on Instgram of my to do list for Christmas and a baby shower I'm planning.

But after taking photos of my creative space, and closing my eyes to the clutter, disorganisation and the big pile of donations for the oppie, I realised I really need to prioritise how I want my space to look. Not just how it looks, but how I feel when I'm in it. 

So I've made a list to help guide me, and to help me develop my creative space to its full potential. I'm a big believer that our space not only reflects who we are - and the head space we're in- but it also has the power to influence. So with my creative space optimised, it should help me optimise my creativity.

Storage:: The room my studio in is just a large rectangle. There are no built ins, one wall is all window making it difficult to store everything neatly and accessibly. Add to that a complete lack of funds and my solutions need to be as creative as possible!

Light:: Despite the wall full of windows I mentioned, the space is dark. The problem is worse at night. There are only two light fixtures and it's a big space. It's a struggle to sew at night, in fact it's almost impossible to do anything at night with out giving yourself a blinding eye strain headache.

Functional:: The space needs to work. I'm constantly digging through containers looking for something I know I have, but I can never find. It wastes precious nap creative time and leaves me pulling my hair out. Like right now - I know I bought bias tape to finish off a project, but I can't find it *anywhere* grrrr

Inspiration Display:: I have piles of ripped out magazine pages, quotes, sketches and lists scattered all over the place. I want a way to easily display these bits and pieces. Hopefully that will create some focus - or will mean that I skip from project to incomplete project even faster then I do already!

Details:: The things that make a space truly yours are the little details. Being a massive lover of all things vintage and a regular at the local oppies I don't think it'll be difficult to figure out what style my details will take.

This isn't a project I'm hoping to get done in a week, by taking my time and putting careful thought into it I'm hoping to create a space that I love being in and that inspires and enables creativity. A space like that takes love and time. It also has to become a priority, which is what I'm committing to today. From now on I will spend part of my week working towards creating this space. 

Do you have your own creative space?
Do you love it or are there things you'd like to change?
Any tips or tricks for creating an amazing creative space?

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