Friday, 7 December 2012


I seem to be whipping up Christmas decorations left right and center  Never mind that I still have a gazillion other things on my to do list to finish before the big day. I whipped up this banner to fill a blank spot in our lounge.

I printed Noel on fabric using this method. Then  I ironed the sides over so I could run a hem around it. I didn't fold the hem twice or overlock the edge to prevent fraying. I figured since it wouldn't be washed it wasn't that big of a deal. I used triple stitch to hem each letter because it's more decorative then straight stitch and pops a bit better.

I even saved my work so you can make one too! Does it count as a free printable?.. Just click this link

Use a 10mm hem at the top and top stitch as close to the edge as you can on the sides. Cut off the excess fabric from the point, thread your finished letters onto string using a small safety pin and you're done! I think this idea has so many possibilities. Could whip up personal banners for birthdays or it would be a really cute addition to a wedding or photo booth.

P.S Did you know Noel is another word for Christmas? I didn't till I googled it.

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