Thursday, 6 December 2012

A little lacy Santa dress

I recently completed Layla's dress for Santa photo's. I know not everyone goes quite as crazy as I do with outfits for Christmas photo's, but this time of year makes me put even the little common sense I have firmly aside. It was this time last year that I discovered my love for making special clothes for Layla and I've been hooked (and on a steep learning curve) ever since.

I made this dress for Layla from a thrifted sheet and curtain lace that I have no memory of ever purchasing... I mean, I don't even like having lace up?! And it's not even all florally and pretty... All I can think was that it must of been a steal, proving once again that I can never turn down a good bargain. It's a sickness really! 

I used a peek-a-boo pattern for the bodice - the Gracie Romper. I simply cut out the size 2t and then folded at the 3 month age line before cutting out my bodice. I sewed the bodice and added the ruffle so I could try it on my daughter and work out how much more length I would need to loose. I removed approx. 2-3" more.  The waist is still elasticated for easy on and off. I cut the ruffle twice the width, folded it in half and encased the raw and edge  and created the casing using bias tape.

I wanted a really full skirt so used the sheet from edge to edge and then cut the same amount of lace. You know what no one really mentions when they talk about a really full skirt - the hem. I hate hemming - well the folding over of half an inch and ironing and then folding another inch and more ironing! Bah hum bug! So I cheated a little. I ran the hem through the overlocker so I'd only have to do one fold and I used a 2" bias strip I had cut out to measure my 2" hem. The bias strip made it *so* much easier. You just fold the fabric over it and iron over the top. I didn't bother hemming the lace - I figure if it starts looking tatty I'll just do a rolled hem with the overlocker. 

To finish it off I made a belt from some scrap velvet I had laying around. I've mentioned I'm a sewing novice, right? Well my biggest downfall is usually measuring/cutting out. I always forget to allow for stretch, or the fact I've got the fabric pushed over an inch so I can read the markings. This time I decided that the elastic measurement was 19", so I'd make the belt 21", leaving myself seam allowance + a bit extra. Can you spot my mistake :( Elastic is stretchy wahhhhhh

So I whipped up a second belt as a just in case (did I fail to mention that I hemmed the dress and whipped up the belts the night before photo's eek). The velvet belt has snap closures and the purple belt is elasticised (is that even a word?) for easy on and off. I didn't use any tutorials, just winged it.

Over all I'm pretty impressed with how it turned out. I love that it didn't cost more then a few dollars to make, given it probably wont get a lot of wear. And I love the belts. I can *just* squeeze her into the velvet belt - *just* I also love Peek-A-Boo Patterns, I took advantage of their Black Friday deals and nabbed five patterns for 50% off. Such a great deal!

And on a side note the belt makes a pretty cute headband lol.

Do you go crazy with your kids Christmas clothes? (Tell me I'm not the only one!)
Whats your favourite PDF pattern or pattern makers?
Also don't forget to enter the giveaway - your odds of winning are looking pretty good :D


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    1. Thanks Katherine!! I was so happy with how it tuned out!

  2. It's gorgeous! I'm sooo not a fan of hems either... yep.. it's the folding and ironing. If I can get away with a rolled hem I will!

    1. Lol, I love the rolled hem! Am trying to convince my hubby that I NEED a second overlocker so I don't have to swap feet/plates all the time. So far he is unconvinced!