Monday, 3 December 2012


I have always dreamt of a white Christmas. It is seriously high up there on my list of things to do and goes hand in hand with traveling given I'm an Aussie!

To bring a bit of the winter wonderland into our Christmas I created these little snowflakes. Super simple and quick to create I thought I'd quickly break it down for you.

I used the Graphics Fairy to find my snowflake image. I could (and have) spend hours trawling through all the gorgeous images.Then using an ordinary, everyday printer and using ordinary, everyday ink I printed it onto fabric.

So simple and easy. All you need is-
:: fabric (I have used calico in the past - for this project I used a thrifted sheet)
:: Computer and Printer
:: Paper
:: Double sided tape
:: Embroidery hoop and threads
:: hot glue gun

So first you're going to want to track down an image you want to use. Then prepare your fabric for printing. Grab a piece of printing paper and stick double sided tape along each edge and a cross through the middle like so:

The cross is important - it stops your fabric bunching up in the printer and causing a jam.

Before you print I recommend finding out which side of the paper your printer prints on. To do this I wrote up on the side of the paper that was facing me and then did a test print of my image - this also helps you figure out if you've got sizing right. If the image prints on the side with up written on it, you'll put you're fabric paper in with the fabric facing up, if it doesn't you'll put you're fabric in facing down.

Then simply put it in your embroidery hoop and embellish. I used satin stitch to fill the gaps. There are lots of awesome tute's on embroidery out there so Google it!

When its all embellished run hot glue around the rim of your hoop to secure the fabric, then cut of any excess.

I love how they look like baubles when they're framed in embroidery hoops.
Here are some other projects I've made using this technique...

It's a Pug Life - Gifted to a pug lovin' friend.
Image::Graphics Fairy


Image::Graphics Fairy


~The image will not be water tight - it's purely for decoration.
~Think about your hoop when printing - it takes more fabric then you think to fit it into your hoop securely.

Let me know if you give this a whirl! Or add it to my Flikr group here. Also am I the only one with a love\hate relationship with metallic thread!? So pretty, but the devil all at the same time!!!

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