Sunday, 20 January 2013


A portrait of my kidlet, once a week, every week, in 2013

I'm participating in Che & Fidel's a portrait a week in 2013. 


I was saddened when I heard of a mum asked to move when breastfeeding at a public pool. Then the comments that follow make me want to rip my hair from my head. Conversations about how women dress, how to breastfeed with "class", exposing children to breastfeeding and it goes on and on and on. 

I have exposed most of my boob in public when breastfeeding before. I didn't realise it made me classless, I just figured it was a consequence of breastfeeding thanks to nipples being in the centre of my boob. Also because breastfeeding friendly clothes are repulsively ugly, its hot so layering up isn't appealing to me right now, and because I would rather flash the whole top of my boob then let anyone see my stomach!! 

I'm passionate about breastfeeding, I love how much my 20 month old loves her milkies, and I am amazed and grateful that even though my body could not carry my precious girl to term, it could help her grow from the tiny 1464g she was to a healthy, happy and clever toddler.

So whip 'em out ladies. Without shame, without fear and hopefully without reprisals. And remember that if anyone tries to shame, humiliate or make you hide away there is a whole community of women and men who have your back.


  1. Beautiful picture beautiful post. My three loved milkies too.

  2. Hi new reader and follower, so glad I found your blog! Beautiful picture and post! I am still nursing my 19 month old daughter and even used a nursing picture for my week 2 portrait!

  3. Cute picture! I love how happy babies look when having their milk. I love that 'they' think we all use bfing as an excuse to finally get our boobs out as if that's what we've been wishing to do forever! Haha! I would definitely rather have the top of my boob on show than my sad sad stomach.

  4. Hi Jade!
    I just popped in from Che & Fidel! I was checking out what my 52 portraits a week neighbors were shooting. (I am #232 above you on the link up). Such a GREAT project! Beautiful BEAUTIFUL pic!!! Good luck with the project!