Friday, 25 January 2013

Australia Day

Happy Australia Day eve lovely people!

We hooked up the caravan this morning and have set up camp for the long weekend. I've already hit up a local oppie and did not leave empty handed (pretty sure I've never left an oppie empty handed though).

I just wanted to share my Aussie Day pants with you all. I used a pair of jeans I picked up on sale from k-mart to whip these up. We just didn't have enough Australiana happening - well apart from the caravan and the snags on the barbie. I simply embroidered a Union Jack on one pocket and the Southern Cross on the other to Aussie them up a bit.

If its warm tomorrow, I'm going to cut the legs off, even toddlers need a pair of cut off shorts, am I right! Because we're camping this post is coming to you via iPad and iPhone so excuse the pics and the fact that there all at the bottom of the post.

Hope you have an awesome Australia Day/long weekend x

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