Monday, 1 April 2013


My baby girl turned 2 today.

We celebrated with cupcakes

And cake pops - its cake coated in chocolate - who wouldn't jump on that trend bandwagon.

 in a dress made by mummy (don't let the watermelon fool you, she ate a. lot. of sugary goodness too)

and had a little joint part with a gorgeous girly who will be 2 tomorrow!

I struggle with her birthday. I took a couple of moments with my baby to remember. To remember how blessed we are, how scared we were and how tiny she was.

I always think of my self as a preemie parent and can't help but wonder if this will change. Will the day come when I look back on her birth and not feel so overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with grief, sadness and longing. The gift of being a preemie parent is that you are so damn grateful. For every look, hug, step, word and smile. 

Happy Birthday sweet girl xx

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