Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Plaid Hot Pants

OK so I know I said I was only going to sew along with PR&P once..... but I lied apparently.

I was flicking through my liked blog posts yesterday when I saw PR&P's themes for this season. I had a grumpy kidlet plastered to me so I thought I'd just have a little google-see at plaid kids clothes, especially as plaid kids clothes totally fit with my vintage aesthetic. 

I started thinking about plaid outfits I could sew for my miss, except none of my ideas were really that original. I becamefixated on a woollen, plaid hood I made for Layla from an old electric blanket (tutorial coming) and using plaid in an unusual way. And then I decided on hot pants, short shorts or running shorts whatever you want to call them. 

Because I used a woolen plaid they'll keep Layla plenty warm as Tasmania makes a pathetic effort to transition from winter to spring. I thrifted the material ages ago for a few bucks and the binding is vintage also.

I used Caila Made's Summer Shorts pattern as my starting point. I rounded the outside leg, and used bias on the hem and outside leg. That bias tape was tiny. I sewed it onto place and realised I'd have to hand stitch it if I wanted it to look any good wahhhh. So I sucked it up and sat on the couch, put some trashy tv on (Fashion Police) and got to it.

I then followed the Summer Shorts tutorial to construct the shorts. The one difference being that I didn't sew the side seams together before creating the waistband/casing. I simply tacked them in place. I added the heart buttons for two reasons 1: they're cute and 2: a bit of modesty. I had hopped to make a Banyan tunic to go with the shorts but didn't have enough stretch fabric. Jono's T-shirts were just too small. 

I'm pretty happy with how the shorts turned out. I might make Layla a few more pairs, apart from the bias binding they're a really quick sew. I was concerned that they might be a little to Nana, but I think the hot pant style and the buttons help them steer clear of nursing home fashion. At least I hope this isn't the latest trend at the nursing home... that Nana would want to have some rockin pins ;)


  1. Those shorts are super cute! I'd love to make something like this gor my little miss.

  2. These are adorable! I love the little heart buttons :)

  3. These are just adorable! And I love the heart buttons.

  4. Such sweet shorts! The buttons were the perfect touch!

  5. Love the plaid hot pants...and I kind of love Fashion Police as well!