Tuesday, 22 October 2013

KCW - Care bear count down

I'm sewing with Kids Clothes Week! In case you've never heard of it before the basic premise is that you sew for 1hr every day for a week. Simple yes?! I spent yesterday doing mundane things like printing off patterns taping them together, tracing them out, cutting them out etc etc etc. I was planning to do it before the official start of KCW, but I procrastinated. Its a crap job. If there's anyone out there who actually enjoys taping together a thousand pattern pages and then tracing/cutting them out please get in touch. I have a best friend positioning opening up just for you!

I kicked off the sewing with the It's a Party Blouse, by To Sweets. I made it from vintage care bears fabric and some plain pink cotton that I was given.

I sewed up a 3t, omitted the ruffle from the bottom of the top and cut it out a 5t length. I thought a 3t would be massive on my petite 2 year old, but it was a bit squeezy which means we'll only get spring/summer use out of it. I have to be honest,I just don't get american sizing. The top was also slightly more labour intensive then I was expecting and so took more time to sew then I thought it would. 

I'm committed to using patterns I haven't used before. I told hubby that I'd use all of the pdf patterns I have before buying any new ones - needless to say I've already broken that promise. I don't know why I insist on making promises I know I can't keep!

Anyhow, Layla loves the care bears and we have been reading the one care bear book over and over and over again. It's like freakin' groundhog day, but much much worse. I'm glad she loves them though. I loved care bears as a kid and have such fond memories of my Grandma taking me to the video store to hire Care Bears movies. Becoming a parent has made me even more sentimental and nostalgic then I ever.

I'm committed to sewing lots of layer-y clothes this KCW. Things that are perfect for spring, but will be equally as good come summer. I also want to keep costs low. Because the fabric for this top was either thrifted or gifted it cost about $4 to make. Gotta be happy with that xx

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  1. Very cute! Whats not to love about care bears. My eldest was as obsessed as I was as a little girl. It was great to revisit my childhood through her.
    My two year old is just starting to discover care bears, but she is more into wiggles at the moment.
    Love the ruffles on this dress too.
    I actually dont mind cutting and putting together pdf patterns. Although I think Id change my mind quickly for adult sizings!