Wednesday, 23 October 2013

KCW - Shorts Ahoy

I've had one of *those* days. The days were you make plans and it all kicks off innocently enough and then next minute you're in the trenches with no idea how you got there reminding yourself that humans don't eat their young. Bed time cold not come soon enough tonight! onto the shorts....

I used Caila Made's summer short pattern again (blogged here). Its such a versatile pattern and free which is awesome. The fabric is Belle & Boo's "Pirate Games" which I grabbed 2 fat 1/4's of during Spotlights dollar fat flats. I love a pattern that can be made out of two fat flats! So all up these cuties cost $2! 

I used a lid to round the leg and bound them in navy bias, which came from my vintage bias stash.I originally wanted to bind the legs in red, but only had the smallest bit, which I used to add bows to each leg. I am so stinking in love with these shorts.

I had more short plans for today which I even got cut out, but Layla quickly put those plans to rest. Whats the proverb - Man proposes and toddler disposes. She even scribbled on the fabric with texta, just to make sure I got the message. Today's mantra was "I love my daughter, I love my daughter". I prefer when that mantra is spontaneous rather then forced. 

I briefly considered spending my evening at the sewing machine, but honestly all I'm fit for is sitting on the couch watching crappy tv and drowning my sorrows in a tin of milo! Bring on the new day!!!

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