Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Not only was Monday my wedding anniversary, it was also the day we FINALLY finished moving. Huge sighs of relief were breathed, followed by sighs of complete and utter exhaustion. We are tired and spent. We couldn't have done it without some good friends who really came through for us. Its when you have to move for the second time in 5 months that you realise who the people who truly support you are.

We were lucky to go out to dinner without our bubba, thanks to our awesome friends who babysat. It was only the second time La La Love Hubby and I had been out alone since we were release from hospital. We took full advantage and hit up a restaurant we've been trying to get to ever since it opened. This restaurant is ALWAYS booked solid on a Saturday night. Lucky for us we were heading out on a Monday! We were far from disappointed.

Casablanca opened in the Penguin Surf Club, which is on Tasmania's North West. It overlooks the beach, but we couldn't really appreciate the view at this time of year. It just gets dark too early. Food was fabulous, atmosphere was amazing, wine menu was good, service was great and they had cloth napkins! It was such an amazing evening, spent with my amazing husband.

We got a little silly, does that happen to other couples when they have escaped a night away from the kids? Actually, I think we may be pretty silly all the time, this was just enhanced by alcohol. Not a lot of it, but my pregnancy and breastfeeding enforced abstinence has meant that I'm now a bit of a light weight, and bubbly always makes me a bit, well, bubbly.

Tuesday was spent relaxing... we all stayed in jammies and vegged on the couch guilt free. It was nothing short of bliss. Which means that I didn't post about The Australian Hostess Cookbook, these posts will be back to normal next week, when I'm sure I'll be 100% recovered from these last 5 weeks. Just like everything will be unpacked... right.

I'm so looking forward to relaxing with my baby girl and getting creative. Its been too long since I've made anything!! Hope to share some creativity with you soon! xx

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