Monday, 2 September 2013

Boo Designs! Design Your Own Pinny

Okay, so I'm totally ga ga for Boo Designs! patterns. I now own most of them (Hi, my name is jade and I'm a pattern addict) and love sewing them. 

I made Layla a pinwale cord Design Your Own Pinny for spring. The best part about the design your own patterns is you can put your own spin on it. Kristie provides you with options within the pattern, but there are countless other ways to customise your pinny. There's also a very help facebook pattern group to help you out if you get stuck or to show off your completed Boo Design! when your done!

I really love how the Pinny turned out, pure cuteness. Be warned there are no pattern pieces - just measurements, so if this scares you it may not be the pattern for you. I didn't mind it. The pattern is well written, and even though you have to really think through a couple of the steps, its not too tricky to get there in the end. 

I made Layla a size 2 and it fits her beautifully. Because of the elasticised back she's not going to grow out of it in a heartbeat, which is always a massive plus. She's a pretty petite 2 year old though, which is awesome for the amount of wear she gets out of clothes!

I utilised some gorgeous vintage Sarah Kay print for the bodice panel and the heart shaped pockets. I totally stole the pocket pattern from the Boo Designs! DYO Overalls Patterns and Layla loves them. That kid is all about pockets at the moment. I love that I can add special touches to her outfits that she *loves*. 

I also added a vintage lace trim to the straps. In the pattern group there's an easy run down of how to do this. I hadn't read this when I did mine, I just pinned it to the back of the strap before top stitching the strap. 

Arghhh, doesn't she just suck you right in! Anyways...I love this pinny. I have about 5 cut out at the moment waiting for me to get my act together and sew them up. The photos of Layla were taken on the ferry to MONA, and on the grounds of MONA on a recent Hobart trip. I hope to share more about the trip soon!

Do you own any Boo Designs! patterns? Or are you a complete pattern addict like me?!


  1. That is so cute on her! Love the colours and fussy cut designs. Well done!

  2. Ahh! This pinny is SO adorable, I'm going to die of cuteness overload. I have never heard of Boo designs but I MUST check it out, I am really loving vintage style clothing for my kids right now..